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PLAY 1 from Leralee Whittle on Vimeo.

PLAY connects the general public with ways artists prepare for improvisation, create instant composition, as well as insight into the generative process of composing.

We play with patterns and emergence of the new. We trick ourselves by introducing never played with before elements like people, the radio, costume pieces or any object.. We play with potentials. We listen for the real connection. We source and are activated to create from aesthetic interest. We play to work and work to play.

with Leralee Whittle (Minneapolis / Big Bend), Moss Beynon Juckes (Berlin) and Blackie (Minneapolis)

Always Becoming

We Just Stopped Pretending is a series of videos shot outdoors in the commons of various international cities that contrast everyday reality with heightened presence and phenomena. The interdisciplinary project brings attention to potentiality of community space by blurring social boundaries in creative use of the commons. Elements of everyday landscape are re contextualized as players of the fantastical. We Just Stopped Pretending explores where the imagination, collective potentials and creative engagement have a place alongside regular use of “the commons”.