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Bio // Leralee Whittle’s work in performance, dance, somatics and video art is rooted in relational aesthetics. She trained extensively in American, European and African dance genres and engaged in a decade long collaboration with Nita Little in cross-genre ensemble improvisation and contact improvisation. Currently, she performs instant composition for one musician and one dancer abroad with musician/composer Paul Sprawl and is performing solo J ((())) Y Sessions. She’s choreographed ensembles and has performed solo for audiences in the Western states, the Midwest and in Europe.  Her work’s been presented in festivals: Dinamiche Scomposte/Teatro di Limonae, Italy, Twin Cities Film Festival, Minneapolis, and Twin Cities/Montreal Choreographer Exchange, Minneapolis, MN and venues: PWNW, Portland, La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, Starlight Theatre, Terlingua, TX, Urban Culture Project, KC, MO, The 418 Project, Santa Cruz, Ca and Aria, Barcelona.

Leralee Whittle is a recipient of Project Space Residency, Counterpulse, SF (2017) and a grant from PLRAC, MN (2017), Theatre Bay Area, San Francisco, CA, Charlotte Street Foundation and Spencer Museum, Kansas City, MO and Puffin Foundation, New Jersey.

She teaches Instant Composition, J ((( ))) Y Embodiment and Contact Improvisation. She’s taught at FLOCK, Portland, OR, Sudstern Jam, Berlin, 418 Project, Santa Cruz, OR and The Cowel’s Center, Minneapolis and other venues.



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A series of performances and videos explore embodied aesthetics as a means of transforming superficial amusement into substantive joy. J ((( )))) Y will be in Residence at Project […]

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Tools for Instant Composition

Textural Threading Technique (TTT) is a generative dance modality for synthesizing emergent dance, vocabulary rooted in one’s personal dance history and contemporary entries to dancing. TTT draws from […]

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