Leralee Whittle is a dance, performance and digital media artist, as well as teacher. Her work is experienced in theaters, galleries, dance studios, living rooms, unique spaces and public sites.

She has worked with Paul Sprawl co-producing multi-media productions and dancing for intimate audiences since 2005 and was a collaborator with Nita Little in research and instant composition 1995-2005. She performed choreography for Nita Little, Anouk van Dijk, Tandy Beal, Regina DeCosse and Scott Wells in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area.

Whittle’s choreography, performance and video have been presented at Dinamiche Scomposte, Italy, Twin Cities Film Festival, Twin Cities/Montreal Choreographer Exchange, PWNW, Portland, La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, CAPSULE, KCMO, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, UCP, KCMO, and Aria, Barcelona. She is the recipient of a public art place making commission in MN (2018), a video and performance installation commission by Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City (2018), Project Space Residency, Counterpulse, SF (2017) and grants from PLRAC, MN (2017), KU Spencer Museum, Lawrence, KS (2011) and Puffin, NJ (2011) Theatre Bay Area, San Francisco, CA (2009).

She been a guest teacher at Wayne State University, Performance Works NW and FLOCK, Portland, OR, Counterpulse, San Francisco, Sudstern Jam, Berlin and The Cowels Center, Minneapolis.

She’s co-founder and co-builder of GLINT off-grid art res in Big Bend where dance, music, video, writing are produced and in-process.

Artist statement: I make work with methods I devised over decades. Before applying theoretical frameworks, I consider ways the body assembles from my practices and its agency, including changes in body-circuity. My dances are a combination of honing the body’s wild processes, working with internal & external forces, connecting lines in appearing/disappearing geometry and, threading action, presence and undoing (a trained body). I compose in various modes whether from preconceived concepts, “trance” or allowing the senses to lead a collaboration with space, sound, a line on the floor or even you in the audience.

This could be a performance or a demo of me teaching. If it’s the former there’ll likely be video. It will highlight how similar things or phenomena are experienced in a different time and place.

Video: (un)threading technique- instant composition

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