Shared-Field Coherence for the collective WE


Leralee Whittle founded Embodiment Field after thirty years of touring performance and teaching while engaged in community studies, somatics, dance, healing and cross-pollinating research with other professionals in the embodiment field*.

We connect with individuals and communities to realize inherent power through a broader understanding of embodiment.

We understand each to be truly interconnected. We offer sessions to potentialize expansive Attention that arises in a (relational) coherent field. 

We teach how to integrate aspects of an embodied self through new and ancient iterations of wisdom teachings, time-based arts, mind/body research, community action and healing. 

We believe limiting perceptions and beliefs about what defines human are alterable and that an extended definition of embodiment both liberates and unifies us.

We’re guardians of access to body/mind/source alignment, new art, planetary healing, deep communing, self-actualization and bringing the greater we, together. 

*A field with cross-pollination, including and not limited to somatics, embodied philosophy, performance studies, quantum physics, dance, body/mind coaching, high performance sports, spiritual healing, shamanism, transpersonal psychology, Taoist Chi-Kung and energy medicine.

We need community rituals that sensitize us

and nourish our sense of home in the universe. 

We lead sessions, internationally, in small country towns and cosmopolitan cities. Some we’ve worked with include Wayne State University, Performance Works NW and FLOCK, Portland, OR, The Farm, Tennessee and Counterpulse, San Francisco. 

Internationally, we’ve taught and performed in Berlin, England, Spain and Italy.

We’ve worked with dozens of intentional communities from Totnes, England, to Nelson, Canada to Vermont. 


We use ancient technology

to help reconnect us to inherent power. Sessions are ancient and contemporary embodiment field research put into practice.

We educate

We teach a variety of communities to direct focus towards rituals that give energy, purpose and meaning on multiple levels.

We remove obstacles

We offer guidance, a safe space and tools to actualize humanity.

We help you dream

You may not know what your real dream is until you experience an opening- it may come from the body, the unconscious or the field.

We all heal

Healing is a part of what happens in Embodiment Field Sessions.

We rely on practice, theory and Grace

Each process brings us closer to our true nature and gives us Vision.

Do you engage in Life affirming practices?

Or death affirming practices? We all know, intellectually, that human action must extend beyond anthropocentrism. Our future and that of other species depends on it. It seems we’re in dire need of experiences that grow empathy through a sense of connectivity. Intellect alone doesn’t do it. 

Embodiment Field practices re-educate human and humanity to empower, liberate and find pleasure and joy the body/mind experience that leads to being open to sharing the field with all who share the planet.  Experiential, embodied knowledge counters the ideology that plundering the earth for profit is normal. 

We maintain practices that connect us with what we hold most True, so our actions are connected to our values. What do you practice?


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