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About | Leralee Whittle / F O R C E S

Leralee Whittle is a time-based artist working in the media of contemporary dance, improvisation performance and video installation. Her compositions are informed by her body of work on textural threading technique (TTT), dancing with forces and deep embodiment (DE), as well as phenomena, experimental media and theory. 

Whittle’s research continually evolves out of performative practice, video art, on-site dance, the international contemporary dance movement and her extensive past training in the San Francisco Bay Area & Europe with mentor/collaborator Nita Little // ensemble improvisation performance + contact improvisation, Regina DeCosse // modern dance, Allasan Kane // Ballet of Senegal, Anouk Van Dijck // Countertechnique, Contraband // post modern technique + performance, Frey Faust // Axis Syllabus, Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theatre, ballet, somatics and design.

She’s been presented in Europe and the US at Dinamiche Scomposte Festival, Italy, Aria, Spain, The Montreal / Twin Cities Choreographic Exchange, Minneapolis and La Esquina, Kansas City. She’s a recipient of grants from Charlotte Street Foundation, Spencer Art Museum, Theatre Bay Area, Puffin Foundation and Cultural Council Santa Cruz.


Ocotillo at GLINT

future site of the commons

Compressed Ocotillo
How We Roll

We make time-based art at GLINT artist residency in the Chihuahuan desert in Big Bend, at the border of Mexico, on the RIO Grande. Much of the work made at GLINT is released internationally. We receive inspiration in off-the-grid work spaces on 20 acres with beautiful views of the Chisos mountains. Our vision is to network with other supportive centers fostering the creation and distribution of free-range art.

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Textural Threading Technique in Town to Town Dances >> Leralee Whittle / Forces dancing in the commons at Balmorhea State Park, Texas.  

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Dance is political. Sometimes we hardly dance. Stopping the constant flow of action/commodity is necessary in late-stage of capitalism. The cultivation of presence can lead us to ethical action. Sometimes […]

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Deep Embodiment (DE) – To discover how to access movement before it becomes dance.

Deep Embodiment (DE) is the practice of carefully excavating, examining and experimenting with corporeal information immediately available in the body/field. Attuning to potentials leads to a wealth of relational interaction […]

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New video | Position

Embodied discourse on “the breaking point of the body politic”, POSITION is an inquiry into where we stand. The work may evoke questions such as …What’s our position […]

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Breaths so far today
Impromptu performances for other species
Hours devoted to video editing, choreographing and writing on dance so far this month
Stones lifted

Artist Statement

I perform and make videos that sensitize the public to immanence, our bounty – as beings inhabiting time and space. As a balance, I invite phenomena defined as timeless, transformative forces to work through the body. In-between, Muse touches into intersections of design. I cultivate an embodied imagination which inadvertently opposes corporate directed passivity, constituting our roles as consumer citizens. I believe our greatest wealth lies within. My process embraces the intrinsic value of all that is accessible in and around the body/field.  Excavation of soma info supplies hours of deep play without having to buy batteries or dispose of outdated toys in landfills. My investment enables me to be a small intelligent mobile unit in the world.

My interest in the mercurial nature of us humans as evidenced by our adaptability and being arguably 85% water, roots my work in an ever changing constellation of variables leading to increased potential. I can’t stand how we can give up so easily. I want us to be as inventive, clever and visionary as we need to be to thrive while allowing other species to do so as well. I work with collaborators who are in agreement to resist standards that undermine the body/mind connection; ultimately providing us with the gift of presence, critical thinking and clear action.

Institutions in place to control and restrain us for power and profit are of no use to the collective. Therefore, I find it meaningful to make work that inspires experiential inhabiting, defies pervasive ownership of lives by institutions with the most seductive come-on and supports being in the world. Ultimately, this work is part of the larger conversation and the directive to un-encumber, decolonize and activate…us.

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Our Team

Leralee Whittle
choreographer, video artist, performer, administrator, builder of GLINT
Paul Sprawl
collaborator, composer, consultant, builder of GLINT
Old Red
mover of stuff too heavy to move // I'm a 1952 Allis-Chalmers with a farmhand F-11 after market front loader. I help build residency spaces at GLINT.

Leralee Whittle and Paul Sprawl’s collaborative projects have been presented around the US and in Europe. They’ve received grant support from Charlotte Street Foundation, Puffin Foundation, Spencer Art Museum of KU, Theatre Bay Area, San Francisco and Santa Cruz Cultural Center. They’ve performed in contemporary art venues such as Teatro di Limonae, Italy, La Esquina, Kansas City and SooVac, Minneapolis, music venues such as Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA, Starlight Theatre, Terlingua, TX , quirky venues like Super Happy Fun land, Houston, TX and Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti, AZ, Basketball courts in Lawrence, KS and Kansas City…

This year their collaborative domain has expanded to include building and co-founding GLINT off-the-grid artist-residency space near Big Bend National Park.


We stack rocks, lumber and cds, so artists have a place to make their work and music is distributed.
Join us in the race to save art.
We develop quality art based on many decades of commitment in our respective fields.
Writings and Research
Most Americans don't know what kind of research goes into intelligent dance, but some Europeans do.
We love you.
All day long...whether building, choreographing, creating videos, writing, planning a tour, reaching out to audiences, planting a garden...
A generative activity... We like to. Do you?