Instant Composition / Threading Dance Technique / Embodiment /

Un/threading Technique  
Un/threading is a way of dynamically aligning the body between poles (south/ground and north/space) and tracking systematic changes while dancing across systems. It allows for a balance of organized action supported by body systems and trans-expression related to body circuitry- in dance improvisation, instant composition and state oriented transformative dance.

Instant Composition
Composition comes out of our work in grounding and preparing a relational body, as we articulate how dance happens in a relational system. We explore how materiality between the body, space, time, object and other unfolds in a time-based process where both composition and embodied ritual overlap. Dance is composed by collective forces, as relational thinking informs compositional choices. We invite new entries in genre-bending dance through this inquiry.

Trans-Embodiment  (somatics)
The body activates across systems as we focus on singular sources within the physical body (musculo-skelatal, nervous, etc), the body-field (energetic system) and space (blurring boundaries between space and matter). The hands are instrumental in some aspects of activating and connecting systems, as we touch into the body and body-field. We work with imagery to grow potentials within the body, the field around the body and the space between bodies. We are able to experience qualities specific to each system and also see how the embodied imagination and body intelligence work together in communications across systems.

((joy)) embodiment / J (()) Y Sessions
We cultivate a spacious body, a pleasure body, a fluid body and a joy body by connecting the light body with dance and inviting the Muse to play.


Combined Workshop – The Hugeness of Instant Composition / Trans-Embodiment / Space-Maker 

We’ll explore somatics across systems and cultivate aesthetics connected through deep embodiment, easy coordination and inherently satisfying movement. We’ll then use images for dancing in space-bodies- perceiving/experiencing space and body as partners and as one body. From the expanse and ground, we’ll delve into instant composition by thinking about dance as a relational phenomena where composition occurs in collaborations between body and its networked parts, space, music, other- as we find the equilibrium between life and dance.