Embodiment, Instant Composition, Improvisation


Instant composition  Relational thinking informs compositional choices while dancing and invites new entries in genre-bending dance. Composition comes out of our work in grounding and preparing a relational body, as we articulate how dance happens as a relational system beyond any one physical body. Boundaries blur in the collaboration between body and its networked parts, space, other- in transmutations as dance is composed by collective forces.

Embodiment / Somatics   The body expresses from systems connected to forces and flows, leading to potentials for embodied pleasure and easy coordination. 

Contact improvisation is framed as both a platform for articulating forces of physics between bodies and the floor and as a relational dance practice in which phenomena is invited to influence deeper embodiment, heightened perception of space and to elicit new dance potentials.

Trans-Embodiment, the Body as Space Maker and the Hugeness of Instant Composition  Somatic and tactile investigations for cultivating pleasurable embodiment, applying images and tools to dancing with a space-oriented body and exploring the magnitude of instant composition by practicing dance as a relational medium. The workshop includes live sound.