Embodiment, Instant Composition, Improvisation

May 18 // 418 Project, Santa Cruz, CA, 10am-12:30 /  Textural Threading Technique, Joy Embodiment, Instant Composition

May 19 //  Motion Pacific, Santa Cruz / 12-3 / $30-$50 Workshop :: Trans-embodiment / Space Maker / Instant Composition 

June 3 // Performance Works North West, Portland, OR / 12-3 / $15-30 / Workshop :: Trans-embodiment / Space Maker / Instant Composition 

June 13 // Xcape Dance Studio, Eugene, OR / Eugene Dance Improvisation + Jam (music Paul Sprawl) / 6-8pm

Nov 9 // Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City

Part 1 We’re Space Makers / J(())Y Embodiment 11-12:30

Part 2 Instant Composition, a relational art ritual – 12:35- 2:00


Basic Workshop Definitions:

Embodiment / Somatics   The body expresses from systems connected to forces and flows. Heightened sense perception leads to potentials for embodied pleasure and easy coordination. The hands are instrumental for some aspects of connecting systems through by touching into the body and body-field. 


Instant Composition  Composition comes out of our work in grounding and preparing a relational body, as we articulate how dance happens in a relational system. We explore a cross-disciplinary approach of inviting your/our authentic dance in the creation of embodied constellations and installations (being and designing with the body and things). We explore how materiality between the body, space, time, object and other unfolds a time-based process that opens up aesthetic communing/community. We learn composition in a ritual mode that heightens ours senses and gives us the experience
of phenomena as the engine of collaboration (relational aesthetics) in each moment. Boundaries blur during collaboration between body and its networked parts, space, music, other- in transmutations, as dance is composed by collective forces. Relational thinking informs compositional choices while dancing and invites new entries in genre-bending dance and dance as an aesthetic communing ritual.


 The Hugeness of Instant Composition / Trans-Embodiment / Dancing as a Space-Maker 

For the 1st hour we’ll explore somatic practices across senses and systems so we cultivate aesthetics connected through deep embodiment, easy coordination and inherently satisfying movement. Then we’ll use images for dancing in space-bodies- perceiving/experiencing space and body as partners and as one body. From the expanse and ground, we’ll delve into instant composition by thinking about dance as a relational phenomena where composition occurs in collaborations between body and its networked parts, space, music, other- as we find the equilibrium between life and dance. Live sound/music by Paul Sprawl


Contact improvisation We explore Contact Improvisation as both a platform for articulating forces of physics in a dance of sharing a center of gravity between our bodies and the floor, as well as a relational dance phenomena leading to heightened perception of space and new dance potentials.