Dance and Somatics

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Attention compels us to create, dance, move, open, liberate, articulate, and communicate

 (un) Threading Dance – solo dance articulations

“A thread of attention” may be composed of action, undoing or presence.

As a new dance practice (un) Threading serves to potentialize dance while offering new articulations unique to each who practices. 

It’s a practice of dancing the forces between body, body-field, earth and space. By tending to these relational elements, the body quickly become responsive to directional forces, space and time. 

Subtle or dynamic articulation comes out of sensing forces and blurring the boundary between relational thinking and dance. 

 (un) Threading Dance can be compositional, generative or a somatics or improvisation practice.


 Composition and Ritualized Group Dance

Instant Composition

Dance happens in a relational system. We explore how materiality between the body, space, time, sound, object and other unfolds in a time-based process where both composition and embodied ritual merge. 

Dance is composed by collective forces, as relational thinking informs choices. 

The Future We Want / Choreographic Communing

We experiment, learn, compose, re-wild and commune as a friendship of bodies. How we think about dance and embody Now, affects the relational field and future potentials.


These practices are helpful in Life. They can be part of dance training or meditation and can be very helpful as a ritual proceeding work, parenting, partnering and communication in community.

Transembodiment -Re-wilding somatics across systems in a coherent field 

On the floor or mat, we allow ourselves to “re-wild” movement, breath or sound across (body) systems. We connect the field outside of the body with the physical boy and earth. We find the sweet spot between allowing our bodies to realign across systems, in a coherent field, and directing focus to a specific system…the fascial communication network, fluids-synovial, cerebral spinal fluid, blood, the nervous system, and other tissue, including muscle and bone.

As we follow the body’s natural flows, subtle adjusting and grounding, we become more curious as re-wilding frees energy, activates power, nurtures fluidity, initiates brilliant coordination and cultivates deep resting states.


DOPAMINE – inner to outer embodiment

We explore how imagination, body intelligence, self-love and spirit work together to generate ease, pleasure, healing, gratitude and authentic movement. We combine self-energy work, somatics and mindfulness. By tuning into subtle shifts and breath we track our whole selves across systems.

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