On stage / On Camera

J ((())) Y SESSION  // performative video dance

In live collaborations (of over 10 years), musician Paul Sprawl and dancer Leralee Whittle transform spaces into performance realms of interactivity, inviting immanent potentials and transcendent forces of a para theatrical sort in-a-21st-century-flamenco-ish-but-REALLY-Afro-British-isles (Brits steal from every great genre)-American-contemporary approach. Basically, they're kids from California who were exposed to, fascinated by and experimented with multiple music and dance genres for decades…and now, years later, improvise well together for international audiences.
Whittle and Sprawl have been presented by venues around the US and in Europe and have received grant support for their collaborative perfornces from Charlotte Street Foundation, Puffin Foundation, Spencer Art Museum of KU, Theatre Bay Area and Santa Cruz Cultural Center. They've performed together in Contemporary art venues such as Teatro di Limonae, Italy and La Esquina, Kansas City, Tek Box, Minneapolis, in music venues such as Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, Ca, Starlight Theatre, Terlingua, TX and quirky venues like Super Happy Fun land, Houston, TX and Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti, AZ, Basketball courts in Lawrence, KS and Kansas City...

The distance between the observer and the disaster has disappeared. In fact the observer and the disaster might even be the same thing. There is no longer any horizon to speak of, that old distinction between outside and inside has become null. In the new sublime we become both wanderer and mist, landscape and traveler, cause and effect, artist and artwork simultaneously. We become the weather. The weather arrives first as a metaphor of the atmospheric abstract, then as a figure of volatility after the breakdown of markets and uprisings, and finally as a projection of psychosis and enclosure as a massive, faceless body we cannot exit.


Displacement Activity // Presented at The Montreal/Twin Cities Choreographic Exchange