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J ((( ))) Y Sessions  ::    a performance or video near you in 2017-18

In J ((( ))) Y Sessions dance happens from the body re-organizing itself through activating circuitry,”undoing” into configurations of spacious affect. This trans-embodiment leads to “trans-being”, a name Whittle uses to identify a momentary destination where inherent pleasure, joy, expanse and embodied truth are arrived at from dancing relationally and shifting status of what one is in relationship and  blurring boundaries between self and other. In J ((())) Y Sessions she draws from her body of work on instant composition, a genre-bending dance involving co-ordination of threads and forces between the hands, body-field and ground. This December at a Project Space Residency / Counbterpulse, SF she’ll create an immersive J ((())) Y space to explore materiality in dance (as a relational, tactile interrogation of form) and how her videos interface with dance.

Light Box, Detroit | Sept 16, 2017

PWNW,  Portland  | June 1 – 2, 2018

Project Space, Counterpulse, SF / End of residency showing / Dec 11, 2017 5-7

 J ((())) Y Video // configurations occur in a relational dance between body and body-field,  space and ground.

Instant Composition with collaborator of 12 years, musician/composer Paul Sprawl

We Weather, a solo performance // 2014 // human and weather are inextricably linked

Displacement Activity // 2013 // a ballet dancer opens up her lexicon to forces of new corporeal assemblage, dis-assemblage and the in-between