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J ((( ))) Y Sessions  ::    a performance or video near you in 2017-18

In J ((( ))) Y Sessions dance happens from the body re-organizing itself through activating circuitry and “undoing”- into configurations of spacious affect. This “trans-embodiment” leads to “trans-being”, a name Whittle uses to identify a momentary destination where inherent pleasure, joy, expanse and embodied truth are arrived at from dancing relationally (in a continually shifting status of what one is in relationship with and how relationship shifts to the in-between- where boundaries blur. In J ((( ))) Y Sessions she also draws from her body of work on instant composition on genre-bending dance involving co-ordination of threads and forces between the hands, body-field and ground.
During her Project Space Residency she’ll expand on J ((( ))) Y Sessions by creating an immersive space to explore materiality in dance (as a relational, tactile interrogation of form) and combining dance with video. She’ll also delve into writings on Marcuse’s aesthetics of liberation, Barbara Erehnreich’s Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy and documentation on pre-gentrification community dance rituals in San Francisco- to elucidate more about collective joy and the marriage of art and politics as a cultural movement from 1969 (the year of her own inception in San Francisco) onward. She wonders how embodiment rituals to liberate or decolonize the body/mind inform a larger collective political movement and aid in art as agency for the movement.

J ((( )))) Y Sessions Live

Light Box, Detroit // Sept 16, 2017,  PWNW,  Portland  // June 1 – 2, 2018.

Residency at Project Space, Counterpulse, SF in Dec 2017  / Showing Dec 11, 2017 5-7      http://counterpulse.org/event/j-y-sessions-work-progress/

Instant Composition with collaborator of 12 years, musician/composer Paul Sprawl

We Weather, a solo performance // 2014 // human and weather are inextricably linked

Displacement Activity // 2013 // a ballet dancer opens up her lexicon to forces of new corporeal assemblage, dis-assemblage and the in-between