((JOY)) Performance

J (()) Y is a dance of trans-embodiment territories where the body connects with forces, embodies space, composes and arrives at momentary destinations of aesthetic pleasure. 

Leralee Whittle takes on the anti-joy zeitgeist, testing limits on subjects of freedom and liberation.


Whittle’s dance history in American, European and African dance is reconfigured into genre-bending assemblages fueled by  forces, new and ancient body circuitry, her body of work on instant composition, space, sound, other dimensions and the audience. She complements her live performance with video art and live sound by guest artist and collaborator of 13 years, musician/composer Paul Sprawl. The videos feature Whittle collaborating in “found installations” she finds in her travels. The spaces appeal to her visually, symbolically or as a lab for experimentation and play. The documented public sessions are crafted into video art to emphasize the art of imposing new potentials in unlikely spaces and to inspire aesthetic rituals, anywhere. She brings these found spaces into the performative space. 

Portland – Performance Works NW // June 1 – 2,  2018, 8pm

Detroit – Light Box  //  Sept 16, 2017, 8pm

San Francisco –  Counterpulse residency showing // Dec 11, 2017 5-7