On stage / On Camera

J ((( ))) Y Sessions  ::    a performance and/or video near you in 2017-18

Leralee Whittle performs and makes videos (of on-site J ((())) Y Sessions) to get past superficial amusement and everyday angst by embodying potentials for joy and pursuing corporeal affective-ness in which the questioning body lives.

Chaos ensues and we turn to each other, we turn to each other, we turn to nothing, then presence, magnanimous, strong, even joyful sometimes and broken, strangely and then severely, actually we create something worthwhile. It happens now and now…together.

Live performances will include live sound by composer/musician Paul Sprawl.

J ((( )))) Y Sessions are happening live at Light Box in Detroit Sept 16, Mascher in Philly, Oct 6, 2017 and PWNW in Portland June 1 and 2, 2018.

J ((( )))) Y live with video installation will be in Residence at Project Space, Counterpulse, SF in Dec 2017





Instant Composition with collaborator of 12 years, musician/composer Paul Sprawl

We Weather, a solo performance // 2014 // human and weather are inextricably linked

Displacement Activity // 2013 // a ballet dancer opens up her lexicon to forces of new corporeal assemblage, dis-assemblage and the in-between