Found Installation in Dayton / What inspires a dance in a car repair lot?  A dry spot in a giant puddle, finding protective glasses, motorist audiences, fumes in the waiting room…Our joy is where we make it.


Here, Here // A body assembles into many, against desert mountains. Orienting and vanishing in a dance to a driving techno beat, through time, coaxes presence, animal, tribe, home…

Whitey Dances To // Art making is brought into the farcical when a dancer’s rituals to decolonize the body/mind are brought into direct tension with her colonization of the natural world as with many modern white settlers who buy up exotic lands.The filmmaker employs hubris, humor, dance ritual and philosophical politics to engage the viewer regarding our largest of priorities- egalitarianism and correcting ecocide.


HOP HOPE is a short film in which the small imaginative and utopian efforts are made in a Berlin city park, contrasting a business as usual use of the commons.

PLAY 1 connects the public with creative processes in which artists “play”, as a means to instant composition and as generative process for final composition.

POSITION is embodied discourse on the forces governing the body politic. It also invites the viewer to contemplate presence and play, as a counter point to the hegemonic dominance.

Baboom Baboom // Chance Radio Dance / whatever’s on the radio


A Minute of Fame

Pin Up


The Mind of the Team

In Disguise

Hot Head

1st Video Project 2007 // Concept and Editing collaboration with Phoenix Toews