V I D E O art installation

FOUND INSTALLATIONS are time-based processes in rural and city spaces transformed through my collaboration with the spaces. I occupy parks, gyms, natural habitats or unique buildings. The visually rich spaces typically serve communities for non-arts related activities, yet inspire me to engage in body-based practices. I illuminate the choreographic design of each generative process with post-production editing to clearly define aesthetic intersections of dance, sound, visual art and social practice.

8Eight / Shot at a gym in rural MN as part of a larger ((joy)) liberation project /2018


ROAM / 2017 / Created in Residence at Counterpulse, San Francisco


Found Installation / Impromptu dance in a car repair lot in Dayton, 2017


Downtown Green / Dancers and an ad-hoc Orchestra play together in Downtown Minneapolis, 2016

HOP HOPE / A film in which the small imaginative and utopian efforts are made in a Berlin city park, contrasting a business as usual use of the commons / 2014


A commissioned music video for Atoms for Aliens / shot in 2014/ edited in 2017


POSITION / 2013 / is embodied discourse on forces governing the body politic.


Baboom Baboom // Chance Radio Dance / whatever’s on the radio / 2014


A Minute of Fame / 2011


Pin Up /2011


The Mind of the Team / 2010


In Disguise / 2010


Hot Head / 2010


1st Video Project 2007 // Concept and Editing collaboration with Phoenix Toews