Embodiment Field

Groups and One-on-One

Embodiment Field Sessions

In sessions we may cultivate:

  • Shared-field Attention 
  •  Relational, embodied thinking practices
  • Transembodiment-somatics across body systems + energy-field coherence
  • Aesthetic practice
  • Healing body/mind/spirit -Both ourselves and community
  • Solidarity through time-based ritual
  • Embodied Communication
  • Art 

One-On-One Sessions

We work together to customize an embodiment ritual so more aspects of being (human) can align. There’s room for learning tools in sessions that will continue to benefit the recipient in their own practice.

First, we connect with earth and Source energy, so healing is most effective. We may target specific issues of pain, trauma or work with a desire to access more aspects of self and enjoy life more deeply.

Allowing the to body express and connect with the unconscious mind in a coherent field, serves as a portal to meeting your inherent healing guide/s, Muse and being moved into open Attention.


Group progressions

We offer sessions for both dance/somatics professionals and to groups without this focus. 

A basic progression for groups without a dance or somatics practice is as follows. ⇓

1. Connect your energy with the earth’s energy 

2. Activate your embodied imagination and hone tactile and visual perception to connect with Source energy

3. Grow a coherent field from connections made between the hands, body-field, earth, Source…

4. Think quantum physics-intend a space(cious) body while allowing for authentic movement

5. Connect the body and unconscious- get out of the way to experience or express the message 

6. Move your focus to shared-field potentials of the group

7. Give input to the group potentials/field, receive input from the group potentials/field… create, restore, play, connect, empower… 

8. Step into Attention seemingly out of nowhere- though the progression led you to be in “now time”→ you’re in the Zone. ::


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