I’m a video artist, dancer, choreographer & teacher. I started dancing at soccer practices when I was eleven. I discovered soccer altered my state enough to access the Muse. While scrimmaging with girls over a ball, I  learned my Muse thrived on endorphins, intense focus, physical contact, falling to the earth, and bursts of nonsense and laughter. In college I started formal training in Modern Dance and attended dance jams that soon included contact improvisation, a somatic dance with others, involving staying in close contact, endorphins, falling to the earth, intense focus, and laughter.

Over three decades I practiced multiple dance forms including Senegalese Dance and Contemporary Dance. I also studied Eastern and Western philosophies, worked with clients, taught, performed, toured, became a video artist, collaborated with a musician for 16 years and did research on states of embodiment. I currently perform musings and dance for the camera and teach Embodiment Field somatics and dance from my body of work developed over 30 years. For 2021, I’m releasing a weekly video podcast, Lee Lee et Le Bus which harkens back a bit to that earlier time on the grassy soccer fields of the Silicon Valley and incorporates theater improvisation I did with collectives on stage in Santa Cruz, Ca in with dance and small relational rituals. The episodes are choreographically crafted. I’m shooting outside a lot instead of in a studio. While ideas are always rolling, relational aesthetics becomes more about nature’s influence or the outdoor space’s impact on the moment rather than audience or other performers. 

Lee Lee et Le Bus is featured every Thursday on the curatorial site Vagabondstreams.org 

During these lockdown times, my musician partner Paul Sprawl and I are building an off-grid dance studio in the Chihuahuan desert to facilitate performances, on-line classes and sessions, video production, future workshops and collaborations and maybe even a refuge for other artists. 


How we are in the world matters. There are many way to embody reality and the way we do impacts ourselves, others and the planet. That’s why we appeal to the expansive, creative and inherently collaborative human, with embodiment classes, a weekly show, performances and one-one-one sessions. 

A weekly video podcast released every Thursday

Life affirming practices?

Intellectually, we know Attention must extend beyond anthropocentric interests. Our future and that of other species depends on it. We need to grow more empathy. Intellect alone doesn’t do it. Our connectivity with our expansive nature and that of others is what does it. When you feel good, alive, creative and attuned, you’re kinder because you’re connected with your inherent wealth.  

Embodiment Field and art practices found here, impact through re-educating human and humanity. We teach how to embody presence, attune and align by working with Attention and relational thinking in aesthetic practice. Through practice, actions become more humane, including how we experience the moment, perception of space and time and others. Our inherent wealth of being fully relational and interconnected leads to ethical action.

More and more people are finding ways to exercise social response-ability by ritualizing what matters most. 

What do you practice?

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