Leralee Whittle is  a teacher, dance and video artist, creator of the weekly show, Lee Lee et Le Bus and founder of Embodiment Field, a body of work on somatics and dance developed over 30 years. 

Her art and teaching is informed by EF:

In Embodiment Field processes we work in “expanded embodiment”. EF engages the power of relational thinking. When we understand inter-relations of  Body-Mind, Source, Earth, Field and other, relational intelligence grows. Out of this intelligence we discover new territories in art making and collaborate in ways that are  both effortless and efficacious.

We articulate how composing, performing, communicating, healing or dancing as phenomena arising out of our “expansive nature” beyond just body-mind through practices that guide to being in the zone through Attention and heightened connectivity.

E F cross-pollinates with other professionals in the embodiment field, including, but not limited to dance, somatics, quantum field studies, philosophy, ethics, Rock n’Roll performance, performance studies, quantum physics, high performance sports, healing, shamanism, transpersonal psychology, Taoist Chi-Kung, energy medicine and more.

 You can’t get a more insightful, skillful, and passionate teacher/performer than Leralee! She is a valuable resource for anyone producing dance or seeking to know more about the deepest values of embodied practices.
Nita Little
Phd Performance Studies / Teacher


Real world actions matter. Relational thinking and embodiment practices give you tools to be in the world, but not of it, so presence and empathy are naturally extended to other, in the “potentialized” moment.

Life affirming practices?

Intellectually, we know attention must extend beyond anthropocentric interests. Our future and that of other species depends on it. We need experiences that grow empathy through a sense of connectivity. Intellect alone doesn’t do it. Embodiment Field practices impact quality of life through re-educating human and humanity- through embodiment that makes us present and collaborative- with all who share the planet.

The knowledge we teach counters death affirming practices such as plundering the earth for profit. We offer practices that fuel us to connect with inherent wealth, including a relationship with the planet. Through practice, actions become more humane and new possibilities in communication arise. More and more people are finding ways to exercise social response-ability whether creating harmony, connecting art and life or extending empathy to others. 

What do you practice?

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