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 (un) Threading Dance 

“A thread of attention” may be composed of action, undoing or presence.

As a new dance practice, (un) Threading serves to potentialize dance while offering new articulations unique to each who practices.  (un) Threading Dance can be compositional, generative or an embodiment practice.

Starting relationally, we activate connections between body-systems and the body-field. By experiencing ourselves as mutable conduits and articulators of forces between earth, space and other, we move with a responsive structure, articulate new directions and “undo” dance where presence is revealed. 

We explore universal lines of force found in dance across continents and liberating body-systems- to be in space and of the space in many iterations of line, space, spiral and dissolve. As we dance form, liberate form and visit remnants of dance history, we (un) thread a new kind of dance.


 Composition and Ritualized Group Dance

Instant Composition

Dance happens in a relational system. We explore how materiality between the body, space, time, sound, object and other unfolds in a time-based process where both composition and embodied ritual merge. 

Dance is composed by collective forces, as relational thinking informs choices. 

The Future We Want / Choreographic Communing

We experiment, learn, compose, re-wild and commune as a friendship of bodies. How we think about dance and embody Now, affects the relational field and future potentials.

Contact Improvisation

We look to the territory of each dance to escape codification of CI. While the basic laws of physics apply-sharing a center (of gravity), etc- we identify equally with relational forces unique to each collaboration . 

We touch on Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen‘s concepts of sensing, feeling and action in CI to connote three territories of being – sensing other, fluid feeling states (particularly pleasure), action or the state of virtuosic surprise/ being in the zone/ Attention / aligned multiplicity.

To potentialize embodiment we prepare with Embodiment Field Ground articulations for Somatic-Field Coherence in CI. On the floor we activate report between body-systems and body-field; to re-wild, activate fluid systems and fascia, spinal mobility between the head and pelvis. This promotes both articulation of body-systems in dance and somatic pleasure and harmony, as the process unfolds in a coherent field. 

As we proceed out of the floor, improvisers hone intention for improvisation to emerge from Attention. This transition comes from research done with Nita Little for over a decade and studies of affect-Deleuze.

Other aspects of this work include touch articulations and encouraging each to incite the Muse/ incite diversity through integration of other dance genres, incorporating sound, playing with time and improvising in the space.

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