Lee Lee et Le Bus Podcast

A weekly podcast

What it is….   

This podcast is about sourcing spontaneity, authenticity, humor and connectivity in the everyday. Each episode is original and crafted by juxtaposing small rituals, ironic situations and musings- on subjects of embodiment, politics, ethics, art, philosophy or alternative living. From art to practice, the podcast is a vehicle for charging our relationship to Life and all of the players in it. 

Practices we may often regard with reverence because they connect us with more of who we are become balanced with irreverence, aesthetics, comedy, candor and subtexts- to get at a fuller present in the intersection of art, life and practice. The video-art sections in the series are crafted from instant composition and spontaneous musings. They’re hybridized in the post production editing process.


In Lee Lee et Le Bus  the bus is a metaphor. We are each the driver, the passenger, the collective, the vehicle…Short jaunts between stops are likened to day to day rituals that get us where we want to to go or surprise us through committing. Longer journeys to places not yet traveled provide opportunity to deepen into the moment while venturing into the unknown.


An Actual Bus Story that Inspired the Podcast

As touring performers one of our conveyances was a 1973 Seattle transit bus with “a fish bowl” windshield. The bus had a friendly appearance. In our travels people extended conversation; often happy stories about a bus they had ridden decades previous when life was slower and they had more community. Once in awhile people seated at bus stops stood as we neared their stop, hoping to get on… We wanted to let them on…and still do.

For every difficult bump in the road, we received luck… Once we blew a tire in the Mojave Desert. We pulled over next to a field of tumbleweeds that extended for miles. The tumbleweed just outside the passenger door was adorned with 10 and 20 dollar bills. Of course we looked for more cash in either direction, but the only money was there, where we were parked. Many magical things happened in travels on the bus, so I thought it was a good real life symbol for adventure, community, imagination and abundance- to bring into this series.

Happy travels!


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