Lee Lee et Le Bus

Ep #1 – Croissant is Life / Walk in Awe / Why the Name


Lee Lee muses while walking through the neighborhood, voicing la raison de etre and mythologizing the origins of her weekly show. Characters surface through light hearted, on the fly songs, joy rituals and humorously balanced kill joy voices for 2020,

Lee Lee et Le Bus is a weekly podcast made to inspire people to be their multifaceted creative, connected selves and not get buried by mediocrity (and oppression). Balancing gravity and levity, Leralee Whittle draws on her unique background and life as a video artist, choreographer, thinker, off-grid builder, performer and dance/somatics teacher- in how she conceives and edits each episode. In her original approach, she combines musings, aesthetic rituals and art in a non formulaic approach to inspire viewers to create and commune wherever they are. 


“The bus is a metaphor and really, we are each the driver, the passenger, the collective, the vehicle…Short jaunts between stops are likened to day to day rituals that get us where we want to to go or surprise us through committing. Longer journeys to places not yet traveled provide opportunity to deepen into the moment while venturing into the unknown.”


An Actual Bus Story that Inspired the Podcast

As touring performers one of our conveyances was a 1973 Seattle transit bus with “a fish bowl” windshield. The bus had a friendly appearance. In our travels people extended conversation; often happy stories about a bus they had ridden decades previous when life was slower and they had more community. Once in awhile people seated at bus stops stood as we neared their stop, hoping to get on… I wanted to let them on…and still do.


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