Somatic-Field Coherence

These practices are helpful in Life- as preparation for dance and physical practices, for health, as meditation and to center oneself for work, parenting, and communication in community….or as an enjoyable ritual celebrating  being alive.

Embodiment Field - Ground Classes

Often when you see somebody laying on a mat on the floor you think they’re going to strengthen their “center” or “do” movement sequences to offset injury. 

EF Ground sessions are different. EF Ground is alchemical. As you change your chemistry and activate inherent strength embodiment becomes a source of pleasure. On the floor or a mat you find the sweet spot between allowing your body to realign across systems and directing focus to a specific systems. Following the body’s natural flows, we become more curious as re-wilding frees energy, activates power, nurtures fluidity, initiates brilliant coordination and cultivates deep resting states. 

We teach how to use relational coordination within the body, listen to body intelligence, so the body can re-organize into harmony within a coherent field. In the process one experiences their embodiment as a ritual of connectivity with Source presence. 

Unlike just focusing on exercises on the floor, in a very cool way, the ground is our collaborator. We hone our tactile sensibility so we can benefit from surfaces of our body contacting the ground because touch in conjunction with movement (in the field), increases dopamine and serotonin levels to affect well being. In addition, certain kinds of impact into the floor can benefit fascial networks and activate piezo-electricity. 

Usually, this practice allows one to experience embodied consciousness and enhances one’s ability to sense subtle energy, an aspect of aesthetic embodiment and embodying love. Dancers may find this practice aids in great articulation of movement across systems and feel energized and ready to take it into dance practice. 


Embodiment Field - Standing into Movement

We combine self-energy work and somatic movement with chi practices to connect body and Source energy. 

We explore how the imagination, body intelligence, self-love and spirit, work together to generate ease, pleasure, healing, gratitude and authentic movement. 

By tuning into subtle shifts and breath we track our whole-selves across systems.


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