Embodiment Field Somatics

Somatic-Field Coherence Classes and Sessions

 Embodiment Field- Ground, Standing and Play

Embodiment Field - Ground

EF Ground nurtures fluidity, initiates brilliant coordination and cultivates ease, pleasure and  deep resting states. 

On the floor or a mat, we cultivate coordination by following the body’s natural flows and directing focus to specific systems. Rewilding and “undoing”across systems frees energy and engages powerful movement. Using the hands to invite coherent rapport between body and field, fortifies new alignments.

Unlike exercises on the floor, in a very cool way we’re conscious of the ground as our collaborator for honing the tactile sense and ultimately calming the nervous system.

 In practice we contact the ground with many body surfaces and touch into dynamics between body systems and the field- with the hands. Touch in conjunction with movement increases oxytocin and serotonin levels in the brain that affect our sense of well being. In addition, certain kinds of impact into the floor through movement can benefit fascial networks, the organs and energy flow.

We teach relational coordination, so the body can re-organize to find harmony again. Embodiment becomes a ritual of connecting with Source (inspiration) through these processes. Usually, this practice enhances one’s ability to sense subtle energy, an aspect of aesthetic embodiment and embodying love. 

Dancers may find this practice aids in great articulation of movement across systems and feel energized and ready to take it into dance practice


Embodiment Field - Standing into Movement

Combining self-energy work and somatic movement while connecting with Source, we come into fuller presence. 

Tuning to subtle shifts, breath and sensing the field around us, movement, strengthening and stretching becomes an easy and enjoyable ritual. 

Sourcing and receiving from the field supplies the bodymind with energy (chi), increases levity and boosts the immune system. The practice changes brain waves and brain chemistry and balances our connection with home on earth and elsewhere.



Embodiment Field - PLAY

Relational play is rooted in somatics and enables people to source voice, movement and expression from a deeper connection with the body. Through field attuning, collaborators connect with the Muse more easily.  Moving from the social, to inner sourcing, and out to join in the collaborative field, gives players a broader range. Classes bring people together who have interest in creative play rooted in the body. Private group sessions can help groups develop solidarity through creative collaboration and open new lines of communication.


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