We offer art, performance and dance & embodiment teachings to help others:

– deepen connections across  thinking, creating, being and communing 

– ritualize now presence  (a nonlinear space-time experience) 

 – access brilliant moments through relational intelligence

– experience art in life

– cultivate “expanded embodiment” by being in Attention with Mind-Body, Muse, Field and Source

– collaborate  “in the zone”

– restore health and balance


Some territories we teach and perform:


  • Somatic Coherence
  • (un)Threading Dance
  • Relational thinking
  • Shared-field Attention 
  • Instant Composition
  • Embodied Communication and Problem Solving
  • Time-Based Art Processes
  • Healing 
  • Play, Trust and Solidarity 
  • Creating “in the zone” 
  • Body-mind / Source and Field Integration

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