How do great artists create something never before imagined? How do groups collaborate on a vision as daunting as equality? Working with laws of nature and tuning into the un-seen reveals how we can and do.

Embodiment Field – tools for practice and a new way of living:

 -We delight in providing ways to access brilliant moments connected through relational intelligence. 

-We guide people to connect in the field to facilitate visionary collaboration, extraordinary communication, new art or to experience the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

-We offer tools for generating art, relationally or for re-calibrating to a more fully alive present, so creativity, love and clarity are easily exchanged with others or enjoyed in solitude. 

– Education in embodied relational thinking benefits people and the planet. Through cultivating  a “reality based on connectivity” we evolve accountability to ourselves, community and to the future of the planet.


Dance and Somatics Classes, Performance, Video Art, and Sessions

Territories we teach and perform:


  • Somatic Coherence
  • (un)Threading Dance
  • Relational thinking
  • Shared-field Attention 
  • Instant Composition
  • Embodied Communication and Problem Solving
  • Time-Based Art Processes
  • Healing 
  • Play, Trust and Solidarity 
  • Creating “in the zone” 
  • Body-mind / Source and Field Integration
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