How do artists create something never before imagined? How do groups collaborate on a vision as daunting as equality? How do we play a role in the body healing itself?

Working with laws of nature and tuning into the un-seen reveals how we can and do. 

Embodiment Field classes and sessions realign people by teaching how to source what’s inherently ours. We cultivate“expansive embodiment” to work with laws of the universe and draw forth our unique gifts. Through practice, play or performance we work with others to:

 – access brilliant moments connected through relational intelligence

– express and create from deeper connection to Life

– re-calibrate to a fully alive present

– be in authenticity

– care more

– engage intellect, imagination, Muse and spirit in a potentialized field >>> and create “in the zone”

– restore health and balance


We offer dance and somatics classes, live and live-streamed performances, video art, a weekly show and private sessions.

Some territories we teach and perform:


  • Somatic Coherence
  • (un)Threading Dance
  • Relational thinking
  • Shared-field Attention 
  • Instant Composition
  • Embodied Communication and Problem Solving
  • Time-Based Art Processes
  • Healing 
  • Play, Trust and Solidarity 
  • Creating “in the zone” 
  • Body-mind / Source and Field Integration
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