Embodiment Field

Group or One-on-One Sessions
Somatic/Energy Coherence and
(un) Threading Dance Classes

Embodiment Field Education

We offer guidance and education to groups and individuals in classes, workshops, group experiences and in one-to-one appointments. Sessions are customized to meet people where they are with shared intent to cultivate any or all of the following:

  • Somatic-Field Coherence- Somatics across body systems + energy-field coherence
  • Relational, embodied thinking
  • Shared-field Attention 
  • Aesthetic Communing
  • (un) Threading Dance
  • Healing 
  • Embodied Communication and Problem Solving
  • Time-Based Art Processes
  • Performance   
 In this work we seek “actual reality” through the lens of contemporary philosophy, Eastern philosophy, body/mind rituals, art or “quantum thinking”. 

  • We embody the field, and create “in the zone” in a connected state of consciousness.
  • We optimize potentials – body/mind/Source/true nature.  
  • We operate as Intelligence with complex and interrelated body-systems and energy-systems connecting in fields, including electro-magnetic fields, connecting us to the earth and beyond.
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